About us

Viral sites, quizzes, personality spectrums and all other aspects of time-wasting methods on the internet have become the norm not only for children but adults alike. Wasting time on the internet has become the new “looking into space!” This is why here at Boredboss we want to make that time useful.

From now on, bar covering the costs of hosting and site maintenance we will be donating all our earnings to partnered charities.

The first partner is not a charity but a new concept which we are also going to help be involved in.

“Liam’s Lanyards”


By sharing, liking and viewing all of our pages you will help donate to this new social enterprise that will, in turn, begin to manufacture lanyards for Liam to be able to sell. Liam has down syndrome and this has meant he has been unable to do many tasks that we all take for granted. This has not stopped him being the most ambitious, hardworking and determined 18 years old you will EVER meet. His desperation to work is frightening but the ability for him to with most businesses is limited. Therefore we are aiding in the production of generating Liam’s favourite item, lanyards. The money raised until the end of September will be invested in buying lanyards for Liam to sell via both a special page on our site and also personally himself.